Brokers and Banks

Enriching customer relationships through better communications

Leading banks and brokers are often challenged with managing all the potential touchpoints within the investor communications. Between proxy statements, prospectuses, mutual fund reports, and more – your customers may be getting more than one hundred types of documents from their securities issuers.

Turn compliance into opportunity by using every document as a chance to enhance your customer’s experience and build a better relationship.

Mediant’s robust software suite provides banks and brokers with powerful applications via a single, secure platform. Our solutions keep operations managers in control of their client communications and regulatory compliance.

  • End-to-end management for streamlined proxy communications production, distribution, voting, tabulation, and analytics
  • Paper, internet, and telephone voting options; print materials include instructions for requesting e-delivery to increase e-consent adoption rates
  • SEC-compliant overvote protection service to eliminate the possibility of submitting overvotes
  • Pre-and-post sale prospectus services with consistent T+1 post-sale fulfillment
  • Corporate action solutions with customized notifications, and all documents store online for easy and accessible recordkeeping
  • Real-time, online reporting to improve internal planning and compliance monitoring
  • Relationship management teams become your true partner in delivering services to your clients

Broker Services Overview

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Mediant Overview

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