Mediant Introduces Proof-of-Delivery Data Increasing Compliance Monitoring in Investor Communications

NEW YORK, April 27, 2016 — Mediant Communications, a provider of investor communications technology and technology-enabled fulfillment services to banks, brokers, corporations, and mutual funds, today announced an enhancement to its MIC software platform which will give clients online access with Proof-of-Delivery Data on items sent to investors by mail or email.

The new MIC feature displays postal tracking data for each item mailed to a customer. For items delivered electronically, it archives and displays the actual email sent to the customer. The Proof-of-Delivery Data tool is available across MIC user interfaces, including operations managers, investors, financial advisors, and sales assistants.

“This is an important advance in transparency for brokerage firms, who are under pressure from regulators to monitor vendors at an increasingly detailed level,” said Arthur Rosenzweig, Chief Executive Officer of Mediant. “This must include, for example, proof not only that a prospectus was sent but that the correct prospectus was sent,” said Rosenzweig.

Mediant’s MIC technology platform is the most advanced workflow tool for investor communications. MIC integrates events, documents, and account information across all investor communications services — including proxy, corporate actions, prospectuses, mutual fund reports, bankruptcy and material event notices, statements and trade confirms — and offers online access to investors, financial advisors, institutional investors, financial printers, and operations managers at brokers and banks.

“We continue to respond rapidly to client needs while maintaining the flexibility and scalability of our technology platform,” said Stacey Robinson, Mediant’s Chief Technology Officer.

Mediant will be exhibiting at the SIFMA Operations Conference, May 2-5 in Miami, where it will unveil this new enhancement. Company representatives will be present to arrange detailed demonstrations of the MIC platform and the Proof-of-Delivery Data tool.


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