Proxy Season 2017 is Underway

There’s no official date for the kickoff of proxy season—not one that everyone involved agrees upon, anyway. If you’re involved in an annual meeting, whether with a broker-dealer or corporate issuer, you’re likely already in the throes of proxy season. From broker searches to vote tabulations, springtime holds its share of complex activities in the proxy world.

Here at Mediant, proxy season is in full swing. We know firsthand how busy this time of year can be! Check out some of these resources for guidance:

  • 2017 Annual Proxy Guide
    We publish our Annual Proxy Guide each year in order to support corporate issuers throughout all stages of the annual meeting event: planning, distribution, voting and reporting, and billing. The guide provides information and instructions for distributing your proxy material to the beneficial holders of your company’s stock.
  • Annual Meeting Planning
    If you’re working with Mediant to plan and execute your annual meeting, bookmark this page as a reference. You’ll find a variety of forms and procedures to ensure everything runs smoothly, as well as specific contact information to use for a variety of purposes.
  • Glossary of Terms
    Lost in a sea of NOBOs, OBOs, and beyond? You’re not alone. The annual meeting process is complex, and subject to dense regulations, which makes keeping up with terminology a challenge. Our glossary—which is regularly updated—helps demystify some of the complex terms associated with proxy season.
  • What Issuers Should Know About Dodd-Frank for the 2017 Proxy Season
    The Dodd-Frank Act requires a say-on-pay frequency vote every six years. For issuers who held their first frequency vote in 2011 after the enacting of this provision, the 2017 proxy season requires the frequency vote. Review this post for information about the Dodd-Frank Act and guidance on being ready for the frequency vote.

As you’re going through proxy season, we urge you to keep in mind one of our core principles: the annual meeting is a powerful way of engaging shareholders. During proxy season, you’ll have many touchpoints with customers, and a variety of ways to communicate your brand and messaging, from the design of your mailings to your document hosting website.

Please feel free to contact us during proxy season, or any time, for any of your needs. We wish you and your firm a successful year!