2017 Annual Proxy Guide


Download the Annual Proxy Guide here, or view online.

Each year at Mediant we publish an Annual Proxy Guide for corporate issuers. The aim of our Proxy Guide is to support you in the planning and execution of your annual meeting event, with all of the necessary information needed to distribute your proxy material to the beneficial holders of your company’s stock.

Your annual meeting is an important event that requires advance work and careful attention to detail. Not only that, we believe the annual meeting is a powerful way of engaging shareholders. From the design of your printed proxy statement to mobile voting and document hosting websites, our focus is to ensure your branding and messaging are effectively communicated. We firmly believe new forms of digital communications will attract retail investors and get them engaged.

Technological innovation, industry expertise, and high-touch customer service are the center of everything we do at Mediant. We believe that advanced technology, superior customer service, and a tailored approach are not mutually exclusive and, together, can be incredibly powerful.

We wish you and your firm a successful 2017 proxy season.

Download the guide here.

Mediant 2017 Annual Proxy Guide - Corporate Issuer Services